Brass Kitten

Brass Kitten Band

Brass Kitten was formed at their Location of GREEN BAY, Wisconsin, USA
Genre: Glam / Metal / Rock

Members Original line-up 1989
Ed Lamberg - Vocals
Kiar Olson - Bass & Vocals (1988 to1990)
John Jeremy - Guitars & Background Vocals
Sid - Drums

Members line-up 1990
Steven Philbrook - Vocals
Kellie Roulette - Bass & Vocals (1990-92)
John Jeremy - Guitars & Background Vocals
Sid - Drums

Record Label: Nightmare Records 2000
For album Across America

Brass Kitten was knew for great talents in the early 80's coming up to the 90's where they would be knew for talents that would land them possible jobs in the music era.

The newest lead vocals of Brass Kitten Steven was taught vocals by the singing teacher who also has taught artist such as lead vocals Miljenko Matijevic of Steel Dragon AKA Steelheart and lead front man Jani Lane of Warrant.

The Brass Kitten Front Man Steven would shock the crowd at shows with the Cover song "I'll Never let you go -aka Angel Eyes" by Steelheart and top the notes as Miljenko Matijevic of steelheart would in the song.

Kiar Olson: used to tour the country in a long-hair rock band called Brass Kitten. Lots of fun, but now he is pretty calm (mostly). currently he is a Director at an advertising agency and gets to be all creative most of the time.

He can still party like a rockstar when needed and can be found near the good tequila… game on! I hate fake people and those that don't know how to have a good time. Remember, you can always sleep when you are dead.

Kiar "" Olson Is currently the lead singer of the band Ugly Stick, which has been broken up since 1999, but yet we play once a year. I think we're on our 9th re-union show.

Kellie Roulette - Was knew for his great vocals doing Metallica covers one song being the hit song "For whom the bell tolls"

Author/ Editor Notes: Not much to list on these guys, most I have given was by personal connection and related details of a member them self Kiar Olson. If you have any farther questions on this band I am a source who has worked with this band and did PR work for them around the Kansas City Mo Area I was also the Mo Fan Club President for this band an another band they used to be housed with at their St Paul Minnesota USA and GREEN BAY, Wisconsin USA Locations